Kweighbaye Kotee

Founder, CEO

KweighbayeKoteeKweighbaye Kotee is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, writer and TV host. Over the past 10 years she has developed creative ways to use the power of media, culture and arts to bridge communities. In 2007, she founded The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF). The Festival celebrates independent film, provides chances for diverse filmmakers to exhibit their work and creates spaces where audiences can gather and enjoy independent cinema. A decade later, BFF is hailed as one of Brooklyn’s most celebrated events for its contribution to the borough’s artistic and economic growth, as well as its integrative programming. In 2015, Kotee founded Media Culture & Communications Group (MCCG). MCCG works in tandem with companies and rapidly changing neighborhoods to help open lines of communication and create opportunities that support artistic sustainability and preserve long-standing cultural landscapes in various ways. Dedicated to her community and the arts, she is the Executive Director of two Brooklyn-based non-profit organizations and is a Bushwick Community Board member serving on the Arts & Culture and Land Use Committees.

Born in Liberia, she and her family immigrated to the U.S. at the brink of the Liberian Civil war. Kotee attended public school in Newark, NJ where she was awarded a scholarship from the Wight Foundation to attend Blair Academy. She moved on to receive her B.S in Media, Culture and Communications from New York University. Currently Kweighbaye lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

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