Who Is Earl Okin? – Directed by Joe Snelling

Who Is Earl Okin? – Directed by Joe Snelling

  • Location:40 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
  • Venue:Syndicated Movie Theater
  • Length:03:30 pm – 04:55 pm

WHO IS EARL OKIN? // Directed by Joe Snelling // United Kingdom // Documentary Feature // 1hr 23m // Saturday 10/14 // 3:30pm // Syndicated // Q&A with Director Post-Screening

TRAILER: http://bit.ly/2hcEudO


The unluckiest man in showbiz? He’s had opportunities most people only dream of yet few know of him. Eccentric musical genius, singer songwriter and troubadour who has written and performed with the greatest, reflects as his 70th birthday celebration looms – still playing the clubs to pay his rent and looking to kick-start his career.


‘Who is Earl Okin’ is Joe Snellings first feature length documentary. Joe graduated in 2014 with a degree in music – studying at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music UK. He then spent a couple of years working for a London based production company as a runner. The making of the film kicked-off during this period as an independent project which quickly became full time when Joe formed his own film company Lucky Day Films. He now looks to combine film and music together to create niche music documentaries on the great understated artists from around the world who remain under the radar to most people. Joe is currently based in Rye, East Sussex UK.

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