Short Films: ‘Film as Critique / America’

Short Films: ‘Film as Critique / America’

  • Location:1115 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11237
  • Venue:LightSpace Studios New York
  • Length:12:00 pm – 01:25 pm

SHORT FILMS: ‘FILM AS CRITIQUE’ // 1 hr 25m // Sunday 10/15 // 12:00 pm // LightSpace // Q&A with Directors Post-Screening

GOOD MORNING // Directed by Michael Marantz // USA


“Good Morning” is a spoken word abstract film created to deliver an important message for all of those hurting from the turmoil across the US and larger world. It is a call to action for anyone who would like to see a world without hate and fear. It features the Harlem School of the Arts Kids Dance

Ensemble and a spoken word performance by musical artist Kamau. “Good Morning” reminds us to stand united and continue to work for a better, more connected world where all are respected as equals. We might not share the same opinions. We may not all look alike. But we are all human beings. We hope this piece conjures inspiration to act with strength and compassion in all of our interactions.


Michael Marantz is a director and composer.Through the challenges Michael has faced in life, he has learned to live with appreciation for every moment and makes films to share that perspective with others. He creates cinematic experiences that seamlessly intertwine story, visuals, and music in a profoundly beautiful way. His goal: get to the core of human emotions and allow others to see the power of them to inspire positive change in the world. Michael lives in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife, Isabelle, where they enjoy grilling and gardening in their pint size backyard. When they are not at home, they are traveling the world together working on a project called BEING. You can see much of his work here: http://michaelmarantz.com )

ARKABUTLA // Directed by Katori Hall // USA


Chauncey Wright, a bull-riding champion, takes a lake trip with his son and daughter, only to have their weekend excursion upended by an act of racism.


KATORI HALL is a playwright/performer from Memphis, TN. (Retrieved from her personal website.)

HELL YOU TALMBOUT // Directed by Tyler Rabinowitz, Denzel Boyd, Joseph Webb // USA

WATCH TRAILER: http://bit.ly/2w5t9i6


Seattle’s Northwest Tap Connection is a social justice-oriented dance studio that serves as a creative hub and refuge for systematically disadvantaged youth. In the wake of the alarming amount of black lives lost to police brutality, these children express how they feel through tap dance in this essential contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement.


Denzel Boyd is an artist, designer and activist based in Richmond, VA. His work transits through the fields between art and graphic design practices with a focus on typography, print design, art direction and social design.

Tyler Rabinowitz is a producer/director and an alumnus of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where he was named one of Variety Magazine’s 2015 “Students to Watch.” Tyler is a 2017 Sundance Ignite Fellow, a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, a YoungArts Winner in Cinematic Arts, and a TED speaker.

Joseph Monroe Webb is an international award winning dancer, choreographer, actor, educator and poet who has showcased his talents in a number of performances throughout the years, including the Tony Award winning Broadway production, “Bring in ‘Da Noise Bring in ‘Da Funk” with notable tap dancer, Savion Glover.

THE ORANGE STORY // Directed by Erika Street Hopman // USA

WATCH TRAILER: http://bit.ly/2wv2gZl


Koji Oshima is the proud owner of a small corner grocery store, but he must now abandon everything and report to an assembly center as he and his fellow Japanese Americans are forcibly removed from the West coast of the United States. Everything must be sold or left behind, except for what he can carry in one large duffel bag. Up against a wall, Koji receives only one low-ball offer for his store, which he has no choice but to accept. The lone bright spot during this turmoil is his friendship with a precocious nine-year- old girl, but this, too, has been tainted by wartime hysteria.


Erika Street Hopman is a producer and director of documentaries, short films, radio programs, and educational videos. Erika began her film career at the Emmy-Award winning studio, Log In Productions, where she gained experience working on documentaries that address a need for social change. Erika’s directorial debut, The Closure Myth, was broadcast nationally on LinkTV and internationally on AlJazeera English. In addition to making films, Erika produces short-form radio programs, podcasts, and public service announcements. She is co-founder of Chavo Bart Digital Media (www.ChavoBart.com), a company that specializes in creating short-form content for public radio and the web. Chavo Bart currently produces and distributes the syndicated series Climate Connections, an outreach initiative of the Yale Center for Environmental Education, and Current Cast, a project of the Center for Transformative Action in Ithaca, NY. Erika holds a BA in Biology from Cornell University and an MFA in film production from Boston University.

BREATHLESS // Directed by Anaiis Cisco // USA

WATCH TRAILER: http://bit.ly/2jIh1C5


Breathless is a story about, 53-year-old Brooklyn resident Larry who risks his life selling cigarettes in his community.


Anaiis is a MFA student in the Cinema department at San Francisco State University where she writes and direct films focusing on the experiences of underrepresented racial, ethnic, queer, and gendered “minorities” in the United States. She received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Film Studies at the City University of New York’s Queens College, where she produced STOPPED AND FRISKED (2013), her first short documentary addressing NYPD’s unjust stop-and-frisk practices.

LAZERCISM // Directed by Shaka King // USA


A riff on “racial glaucoma,” a disease affecting white people that prevents them from seeing the contributions of people of color.


Shaka King is a writer, director and producer of movies and television. He’s won an independent Spirit Award, screened at the Sundance Film Festival and developed a half hour comedy with Russell Simmons at HBO. King is a native and resident of Bed Stuy Brooklyn.

THE THICK BLACK LINE // Directed by Alexandra Moye // USA

WATCH TRAILER: http://bit.ly/2fHW74K


The Thick Black Line is a documentary that explores the larger narratives surrounding the battle over the Gateway Pacific coal export terminal in Washington State. This project began as an exploration of the environmental repercussions of the state-proposed construction of the Gateway Pacific Terminal. However, over the course of two and a half years, it has transpired into a film highlighting one’s relationship with their community and the importance of preserving a community’s identity for future generations.


Alexandra Moye is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. As a recent graduate of Bard College in upstate New York, Alexandra gained a passion for using film as means to inspire change. Most of her work to date deals with human rights issues, however, she eventually wants to break into narrative filmmaking. Her first documentary film, The Thick Black Line, was inspired by her cross-country drive from her home state of Washington, to New York. She saw hundreds of coal trains heading west, from Wyoming, to be shipped to East Asian markets. Shot over two years, the story has changed dramatically but ended up paralleling the polarizing narratives of the 2016 general election. Alexandra is currently working on future projects that further explore individuals during election time.

NEWINTOWN // Directed by Juan Carlos A. Sánchez Sosa // USA

WATCH TRAILER: http://bit.ly/2xQwK7f


The world is too big to stay in the same place all the time. New cities, better things. Sometimes not.


Juan Carlos Alvaro Sanchez Sosa is an Peruvian Independent Filmmaker, born in Lima, Peru. Though he was raised in a family of doctors, Juan discovered his passion for art and music. He studied advertising at UPC (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas) and went on to work as an Assistant Director for TV Commercials. He began his own Production Company and has been involved in several independent music shows. Juan is currently working on a couple different projects including a graphic novel, a script for a feature, and is in the pre-production stages for a short film. He also is Vj and he is now doing new media art.

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