Make It Short: Love

Make It Short: Love

  • Location: 1 Knickerbocker Avenue
  • Venue:Guadalupe Inn
  • Length:07:00 pm – 09:00 pm
The Bushwick Film Festival & Guadalupe Inn are cuddling up for an evening of short films, delicious eats, and LOVE!
Paired with Ivan Garcia’s menu of modern Mexican affair with a Bushwick flair, will be a program of short films from the Bushwick Film Festival’s archive. L O V E — whether the romantic, brotherly, heartbreaking or disturbing kind :/ will be the evening’s theme, so bring your boo or come to forget ’em and meet a new one 🙂
Seating is limited so make sure to get your tickets—look forward to seeing you there!
More Short Film Screenings:
The Bushwick Film Festival and Guadalupe Inn have partnered together and are making short films screenings and Mexican food a regular once-a-month kinda thing, so be on the look out for more screenings!
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