Land of the Little People – Directed by Yaniv Berman

Land of the Little People – Directed by Yaniv Berman

  • Location:40 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
  • Venue:Syndicated Movie Theater
  • Length:10:15 pm – 11:40 pm

LAND OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE // Directed by Yaniv Berman // Israel // Dramatic Thriller Feature // 1hr 23m // Friday 10/13 // 10:15pm // Syndicated

TRAILER: http://bit.ly/2ymJpwV


Four young kids who live in a village of military officers’ families, form a small gang. An old abandoned army base, located in the surrounding wild fields, turns into their base camp. Another war begins in Israel, and most men are drafted to serve their country. The mothers are sitting worried in front of the television and listen to the constant news reports, while the kids, with no one to supervise them, return to their camp in the wild. To their surprise, they discover two soldiers who deserted from their units, using their camp as a hideout. The children try to regain control over their stolen territory, but the soldiers hold their grounds. Ruthless struggle develops between the groups, and the soldiers, who sought refuge from the war outside, find themselves in another war, which turns out to be as dangerous and bloody.


Born in Haifa, Israel, Yaniv is a graduate student from the MFA program at the Film and Television Department, Tel-Aviv University. His short film EVEN KIDS STARTED SMALL, about school children taking over the school, was an official selection of the CINÉFONDATION, Cannes Film Festival in 2006. He filmed for six years a documentary about a military company of reserve soldiers in the IDF, which was made into the award-winning documentary THE ALPHA DIARIES. LAND OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE is his first narrative feature film, which like his previous work, deals with the traumatic process of becoming a child-soldier in a violent militaristic society.

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