DRIVING WHILE BLACK directed by Paul Sapiano

DRIVING WHILE BLACK directed by Paul Sapiano

  • Location:40 Bogart Street Brooklyn NY 11206
  • Venue:Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen
  • Length:08:00 pm – 09:40 pm

DRIVING WHILE BLACK I Directed by Paul Sapiano I Dark Comedy I RT 1 hour 37 min I USA

A dark comedy looking at the effect of racial profiling and police brutality on the mental psyche of minorities in its Los Angeles setting has never felt like a more relevant piece of art, with the revolt in Baltimore and the police-inflicted murders occurring in Ferguson and Staten Island. Whereas most movies come to their own opinions on this American dilemma at a much more morbid and somber note, Purdy and director Paul Sapiano (of The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down fame) were able to translate a serious message that the youth in this country deal with and make it hilariously palatable without the Hollywood whitewash.

This film was a creative collaboration between Paul Sapiano and Dominique Purdy. They first met when Purdy stole the show in Sapiano’s cult comedy “The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down”. Fast Forward ten years and a couple more projects together, Sapiano and Purdy wrote “Driving While Black” based on Purdy’s life experiences. Purdy, aka “The Koreatown Oddity” is also a recording artist with Stones Throw Records.

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