Double Screening: ‘Iman’ & ‘Syskon’

Double Screening: ‘Iman’ & ‘Syskon’

  • Location:305 Ten Eyck Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
  • Venue:Chemistry Creative
  • Length:04:45 pm – 06:05 pm

DOUBLE SCREENING: ‘IMAN’ & ‘SYSKON’ // 1hr 20 min // Sunday 10/15 // 4:45 pm // Chemistry Creative

IMAN – FAITH AT THE CROSSROADS // Mia Bittar // Sudan // 39min

Iman is the story of 4 Sudanese men and women from different walks of life who are drawn into the world of radicalization. Although diverse in backgrounds and circumstances they share one common destiny. Based on real events, the film paints a picture on the present day challenges of violent extremism in Sudan through personal stories.

Mia is a Lebanese/ Sudanese producer and director based in Sudan. After working in NY and London as an editor turned producer/ director she returned to Sudan in 2008 and started traveling the country shooting guerilla-style documentaries. Al-Jazeera commissioned her first film for Witness about a group of self-taught actors in Darfur. Since then Mia has sought to tell stories about Sudan that present a different narrative to that in the mainstream media. In 2012 she founded a production company producing TV commercials, short films and documentaries.

SYSKON // Aurora Alänge // Sweden // 39min



Emilia and Adrian don’t know when their parents are coming back. Eager to find comfort in her brother, Emilia tries desperately to connect with Adrian but is constantly shut out. All Adrian wants to do is play guitar in his room and hang out with his friends. When Emilia impulsively brings home a kitten, Adrian retorts by throwing a house party. A vicious fight between the siblings ensues, and they spiral further apart at a time when they need each other most. Set against the backdrop of Gothenburg, Sweden, “Syskon” is a story about the tempestuous yet delicate bond between a brother and sister.


Aurora Alänge is an award-winning Swedish-American filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. Her film “Syskon” was a semi-finalist in the 44th Student Academy Awards and won ‘Best Film’ at the 27th Dusty Film & Animation Festival.

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, Aurora moved to New York in 2012 and received her BFA in Directing from the School of Visual Arts. She currently works at production and media company, Honto88.

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