“The Best of the Bushwick Film Festival” @ Brooklyn Fire Proof

“The Best of the Bushwick Film Festival” @ Brooklyn Fire Proof

  • Location: 119 Ingraham St., Brooklyn, NY 11237
  • Venue:Brooklyn Fire Proof
  • Length:08:00 pm – 10:00 pm



Festival Award Winning Films will be screened in BFP’s 3,200 square foot outdoor courtyard



BROOKLYN, NY, JUNE 30, 2016 – On Friday, July 8th from 8:00pm – 10:00pm, The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF) will be screening a collection of films titled, “The Best of The Bushwick Film Festival,” as a part of the Brooklyn Fire Proof Summer Screening Series. To get Bushwick excited for its 9th Edition, scheduled this year from Sept 29 – Oct 2nd, the festival will be showcasing several of its award-winning shorts as well as its 2015 Winning Film, WALLABOUT, by director Eric McGinty. Audiences can expect a night of both daring and entertaining independent films that capture the human spirit and experience in unique ways.

WALLABOUT is an urban meditation on artistic perseverance and the eternal search for family. The film follows Alex, an overeducated and underemployed former filmmaker muse, as she moves back to New York after living in Europe for 10 years. Upon her return, Alex is kicked out of her apartment, fired, and rejected by those around her. Determined to help her ailing father, she picks up a shady-part time job, where she meets Frank, an enigmatic film producer whose checkered past eventually catches up with the couple. WALLABOUT won Best Picture at the 2015 Bushwick Film Festival and was highlighted on Fox News.

“The Best of The Bushwick Film Festival” screening is apart of Brooklyn Fire Proof’s free outdoor summer screening series. Brooklyn Fire Proof is a creative complex of movie studios, artists’ workspaces, and galleries located in Bushwick. The summer screening series, eight nights in total, will be curated and hosted by noted filmmakers, artists, and programmers including screenings curated by Marcel Dzama, Nick Zedd, PFFR and more. The screenings will take place every Friday at sundown, beginning July 8 and continuing through August 26. These films and shorts will be shown in Brooklyn Fire Proof’s 3,200 square foot outdoor courtyard adjacent to neighboring restaurant and bar, Terra Firma. Terra Firma Restaurant, BFP partners, will be serving their full food menu before, during and after the screenings, and drinks will be available from their bar.


Brooklyn Fire Proof has been our festival sponsor for over three years and BFF is very excited to work with BFP and their partners to host such an incredible summer event for Bushwick!


For a full list of films please visit http://brooklynfireproofstages.com/screeningseries.











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