Bushwick Film Festival Kicks Off This Week!

The 10th Annual Bushwick Film Festival Kicks Off This Week! Taking Place October 12-15


*Diarra Kilpatrick Will Receive BFF’s 2017 Rising Star Award*  


Oscar-Winning and -Nominated Jury Includes:

Caroline Waterlow (O.J.: Made in America)

Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp)

Sam Pollard (4 Little Girls)

“The Bushwick Film Festival shines a light on indie filmmakers and diversity in the film industry.”


“The event brings together filmmakers, artists, and creative thinkers.”

— Fox News

“Get to know NYC’s next filmmaking generation at the Bushwick Film Festival.”

— Tribeca Film

“An opportunity to see amazing films that you won’t find in regular U.S. cinemas.

They are true gems!”

— Indiewire


Brooklyn, NY – October 10, 2017The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF) will kick off its 10th-anniversary festivities this week! The full program of screenings, panels, parties, and networking opportunities will take place from October 12 through October 15. BFF looks forward to supporting and sharing the stories of emerging filmmakers and inspiring the audiences who view their films. For a full schedule of events, see below or visit https://goo.gl/KJc9Fi.


Surrounding this celebratory anniversary, BFF will be presenting the first ever Rising Star Award to BFF alum and actress/filmmaker Diarra Kilpatrick. The Rising Star Award was created to acknowledge Bushwick Film Festival alumni who have broken new ground in the film industry and are achieving notable levels of success. It’s a testament to the recipient’s hard work and to the festival’s continued commitment to give incredibly talented filmmakers and creators a spotlight. The festival will be screening Kilpatrick’s newest series American Koko at 6pm on Saturday, October 14 at Syndicated, followed by a Q&A with Kilpatrick. American Koko was produced by Viola Davis and distributed by ABC. Currently, Kilpatrick is working on a new series for Amazon called The Climb. To purchase tickets for the screening, please visit http://bit.ly/2yr3mSW.


BFF kicks off its 10th anniversary on Thursday, October 12 with a red carpet reception at House of Yes. Opening night will feature the world premiere of In Case of Emergency, directed by Stefanie Sparks. The festivities will continue throughout the weekend, with events ranging from feature screenings and short screenings, to networking parties and panels. The festival encourages filmmakers, industry professionals, and audiences to engage each other in an eclectic and open-minded atmosphere while forming new alliances and sharing a common passion for independent film.  For tickets and passes, please visit www.bushwickfilmfestival.com.


BFF is thrilled to announce the critically-acclaimed and Oscar-winning and -nominated filmmakers who will comprise its jury:




Caroline Waterlow

Oscar Winner, ‘O.J.: Made in America’ // Producer


Sam Pollard

Oscar Nominee, ‘4 Little Girls’ // Director, Producer, Editor


Heidi Ewing

Oscar Nominee, ‘Jesus Camp’ // Director // Co-Owner of Loki Films


José Rodriguez

Director of Documentary Programs, Tribeca Film Institute // Writer, Director




Adam Kersh

Marketing and Publicity Strategist and Co-Founder of Brigade


Delena Turner

Multi-Platform Producer and Content Creator, ESPN


Molly O’Keefe

Senior Director of Artists Programs, Tribeca Film Institute




Jacquelyn Lobel

Emmy-Award Winning Producer & Director // Senior Producer, PopSugar


A.V Rockwell

Award-Winning Screenwriter and Director


Elizabeth J. Theis

Post-Production Coordinator, Viceland


Chung Tsang

Festival Director, KAFFNY Infinite Cinema


Kristian Mercado

Award-Winning Artist & Filmmaker


In 2016, BFF welcomed a record 2,700 excited guests to the festival to enjoy indie cinema, share ideas, and connect with diverse groups of people. The festival is looking forward to welcoming even more people this year and celebrating its 10th Anniversary from October 12-15.


Sponsors for BFF 2017 include: 100 Bogart, Chemistry Creative, MCCG, Node, City Fresh Market, Brooklyn Fire Proof, Cutty Sark Whisky, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, Braven Brewing Company, The Rookery, Montana’s Trail House, Lot 45, Terra Firma, Bushwick Daily, Radio Free Brooklyn, Explore Brooklyn, Backstage, QNS, Times News Weekly, Brokelyn, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Print Out, Syndicated Movie Theater, LightSpace Studios, Fine & Raw Chocolate, Zico, Brooklyn Oenology, and McCarren Hotel & Pool!


For more information, please visit www.bushwickfilmfestival.com






Thursday, October 12

10th Annual Bushwick Film Festival Opening Night

TIME: 6:30pm

VENUE: House Of Yes

INFO: http://bit.ly/2harzZE


Friday, October 13


SCREENING: Nana | Serena Dykman

TIME: 3pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2ycE22q


SCREENING: Tormenting The Hen | Theodore Collatos

TIME: 5:30pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fhSQZT


SCREENING: Short Films: Alternative Horror #1 | Luke Williams, Ian Hurdle, Justin Gilman, Robin Comisar, Wynter Rhys, Justin Ulloa, Jamie Dwyer, Gil Choi, Zach Fleming, Angelita Mendoza

TIME: 6pm

VENUE: Lot 45

INFO: http://bit.ly/2xvHjgc


SCREENING: Medal of Victory | Joshua Moise

TIME: 7:45pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2hhht5M


SCREENING: Short Films: Alternative Horror #2| Adam R. Brown, Kyle l. Kelley, Michael Jackson, Nicholas Payne Santos, Ryan McGlade, Eileen O’Meara, Raquel Cedar, Syni Pappa

TIME: 8pm

VENUE: Lot 45

INFO: http://bit.ly/2xdTbDT


NETWORKING: Industry Happy Hour

TIME: 8pm

VENUE: The Rookery

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fAPLkh


PARTY: TAKEOVER Ladies Nite w/ DJ Scratch Nice.

TIME: 10pm

VENUE: Lot 45

INFO: http://bit.ly/2f8GxeC


SCREENING: Land Of The Little People | Yaniv Berman

TIME: 10:15pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2wGafOo


Saturday, October 14


SCREENING Short Films: Midnight Alternative Horror | Donaldo Prescod, Adam R. Brown & Kyle l. Kelley, Robin Comisar, Ryan McGlade, Wynter Rhys, Justin Ulloa & Jamie Dwyer

TIME: 12:15am

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fWPlEA


SCREENING: Short Films: Documentaries | Aline Pimentel, Sasha Pezenik, Patrick G. Lee, Marco Alessi, Jackson Devereux, Jon Bunning

TIME: 12pm

VENUE: LightSpace

INFO: http://bit.ly/2xdQ7Y1


PANEL: Branded Content | Clare Stein, Melanie Deziel, Cameron Farrelly, Sammi Mendenhall; Moderator: Natan Edelsburg

TIME: 12pm

Venue: Chemistry Creative

INFO: http://bit.ly/2f9t9qF


SCREENING: Short Films: The Coming of Age Mixtape | Kevin Rios, Lin Wang, Patrick Letterii, Emily McNeill, Travis Wood, Brandon Bloch, Tim Sessler, Brandon Bray, Dylan and Dakota Pailes-Friedman, Giulia Jiménez Tani, Fatema Abdoolcarim, Raquel Salazar

TIME: 1pm

VENUE: Lot 45

INFO: http://bit.ly/2w6ASfU


SCREENING: PEDALÓ  | Juan Palacios

TIME: 1:30pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2xQqiye


PANEL: Industry Talk | Caroline Waterlow, Heidi Ewing, Diarra Kilpatrick, Kuye Youngblood; Moderator: Kweighbaye Kotee

TIME: 1:30pm

Venue: Chemistry Creative

INFO: http://bit.ly/2jJXLDY


SCREENING: Short Films: The Rebels | Mtume Gant, Tess Harrison, Nicholas Payne Santos, Jenny Groza, Stefon Bristol, Sarah Sitzler

TIME: 2:30pm

VENUE: LightSpace

INFO: http://bit.ly/2xcmUwO


PANEL: | Arturo Castro, Tamara P. Carter, Miles Orion Feldsott, Will Rowbotham; Moderator: Ramfis Myrthil

TIME: 3pm

Venue: Chemistry Creative

INFO: http://bit.ly/2kAaVUS


SCREENING: Who Is Earl Okin? | Joe Snelling

TIME: 3:30pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2ycDiKK


PANEL: Tribeca Film Institute: From Prison to Film Set, A Conversation/Works-in-Progress Screening | Moderator: Vee Bravo

TIME: 4:30pm

Venue: Chemistry Creative

INFO: http://bit.ly/2y4fa00


SCREENING: Short Films: Westerns, Space Odysseys, Social Thrillers, etc. | Tamara P. Carter, Donaldo Prescod, Tom Teller, Joey Grossfield, Nathan Campbell, Alec Cummings, Samantha Smith, Lana Boy

TIME: 4:45pm

VENUE: LightSpace

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fzGuZF


NETWORKING: Filmmaker Happy Hour

TIME: 5:30pm

VENUE: Terra Firma

INFO: http://bit.ly/2kzRUSq


SCREENING: Web Series: American Koko | Diarra Kilpatrick

TIME: 6pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2yr3mSW


SCREENING: Short Films: Bushwick & Chill | Anne Hu, Nancy Asiamah-Yeboah, Noah LePage, Maria Bunai, Erica Eng, Darin Quan, Alice Gruia, Thanos Topouzis, Paula Hämäläinen

TIME: 7:30pm

VENUE: LightSpace

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fzXgrK


SCREENING: Nowhere, Michigan | Robert Vornkahl

TIME: 8pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2yqYBsX


SCREENING: Web Series / New Media | Misha Calvert, Tim Manley, Naje Lataillade, Sonja O’Hara, Jaspal Binning, Chris Raddatz, Charlie Hoxie, Catherine Fordham, Liliana Tandon, James Boo

TIME: 9:308pm

Venue: Chemistry Creative

INFO: http://bit.ly/2ydOCWK


SCREENING: Short Films: Arthouse | Shayna Connelly, Haya Alghanim, Michael Litwak, Connor Burns, Dan Simolke, Raissa Contreras, D. Schmüdde, William D. Caballero, Ian Forster, Joseph Sulsenti, Amirhossein Kotobzadeh

TIME: 10pm

VENUE: LightSpace

INFO: http://bit.ly/2w88lXc


PARTY: Industry Happy Hour

TIME: 10pm

VENUE:  Cape House

INFO:  http://bit.ly/2y7C6cB


SCREENING: Pretty Far From Okay | Helena Hufnagel

TIME: 10:30pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fjzW4J


Sunday, October 15

SCREENING: Short Films: Film as Critique / America | Michael Marantz, Katori Hall, Tyler Rabinowitz, Denzel Boyd, Joseph Webb, Erika Street Hopman, Anaiis Cisco, Shaka King, Alexandra Moye, Juan Carlos A. Sánchez Sosa

TIME: 12pm

VENUE: LightSpace

INFO: http://bit.ly/2w7GExW


SCREENING: We Are Mary | Julie Wiles

TIME: 12pm

Venue: Chemistry Creative

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fzVQ0e


SCREENING: The Valley | Saila Kariat

TIME: 1pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2xdYKC6


SCREENING: Tribal Justice | Anne Makepeace

TIME: 2:15pm

Venue: Chemistry Creative

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fiVyht


SCREENING: Short Films: This Woman’s Work | Laura Moss, Kenrick Prince, Gabriella Moses, Megan Brotherton, Karishma Dev Dube, Robin Cloud, McGhee Monteith

TIME: 2:30pm

VENUE: LightSpace

INFO: http://bit.ly/2wGLfGw


SCREENING: Sea to Shining Sea | Maximón Monihan

TIME: 3:15pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2hfYVq7


SCREENING: Double Screening: ‘Iman’ & ‘Syskon’  | Mia Bittar, Aurora Alänge

TIME: 4:45pm

Venue: Chemistry Creative

INFO: http://bit.ly/2xnhTAY


SCREENING: Short Films: Funny People | Chris McKee, Cullan Bruce, Todd Selby, Becca Roth, Laura Goehrke, Michael Goldburg, Kevin D’Angelo, Willy Berliner, Gregory Brecher

TIME: 5pm

VENUE: LightSpace

INFO: http://bit.ly/2hhR1MV


PARTY: Pre-Awards Reception

TIME: 4pm

VENUE: Montana’s Trail House

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fblh88


SCREENING: Coach Jake | Ian Phillips

TIME: 5:30pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2fjdN6J


PARTY: Awards Ceremony

TIME: 7pm

VENUE: Syndicated

INFO: http://bit.ly/2xwAmez


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About Founder, CEO Kweighbaye Kotee

Kweighbaye Kotee is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, writer and TV host. Over the past 10 years, she has developed creative ways to use the power of media, culture and arts to bridge communities. In 2007, she founded The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF). The Festival celebrates independent film, provides chances for diverse filmmakers to exhibit their work and creates spaces where audiences can gather and enjoy independent cinema. In 2015, Kotee founded Media Culture & Communications Group (MCCG). MCCG works in tandem with companies and rapidly changing neighborhoods to help open lines of communication and create opportunities that support artistic sustainability and preserve long-standing cultural landscapes in various ways. Dedicated to her community and the arts, she is the Executive Director of two Brooklyn-based non-profit organizations and is a Bushwick Community Board member serving on the Arts & Culture and Land Use Committees.


Born in Liberia, she and her family immigrated to the U.S. at the brink of the Liberian Civil war. Kotee attended public school in Newark, NJ where she was awarded a scholarship from the Wight Foundation to attend Blair Academy. She moved on to receive her B.S in Media, Culture and Communications from New York University. Currently, Kweighbaye lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  


About the Bushwick Film Festival

Founded in 2007, The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF) is a leading independent film and media company in Brooklyn. A decade into its mission, BFF is hailed as one of Brooklyn’s most influential cinematic events for its contribution to the borough’s artistic, cultural, and economic growth. The festival attracts film and entertainment industry leaders at national and international levels and showcases films created by the best emerging independent filmmakers in Brooklyn, including the works of international filmmakers from over 30 different countries. In addition, BFF proudly shines a spotlight on diverse filmmakers. Its mission is to inspire filmmakers to harness the spirit of entrepreneurship, give them a platform to grow an audience, help strengthen their networks, increase their chances to connect with industry professionals, and present them opportunities to make a living doing what they love. Its mission to its audiences is to provide spaces where people from all backgrounds can gather and enjoy new and exciting niche films that are not typically made available and/or accessible to them, along with opportunities to attend educational and cultural events.


The festival is looking forward to celebrating its 10th Anniversary from October 12–15.


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